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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Yes, it does.

If I steal your car and crash it and cause $1000 in damage, who should pay for that damage, me or my rich next-door neighbor? Most people would say it was me, even though my neighbor can more easily sustain the loss. He could volunteer to do so out of altruism, but that is not the same thing as saying he is personally responsible. Because it is not fair/equitable to make him responsible for what I do, or the consequences.

Who is responsible in the old story, the ant or the grasshopper?

I don't think this allegory of the stolen car properly shows the interplay between equity and personal responsibility. Let's say Bob the pauper steals my car. He forced me out of the car at knifepoint and I am totally in the clear as far as blame goes. Bob crashes the stolen car into your house, causing you moderate but not life-threatening injuries. Bob dies during the crash, and your home insurance sucks. Now you have $10,000 in repairs and medical expenses, of which maybe half will be paid for by insurance. You don't have the money to pick up the rest. The deceased perpetrator has something like $30 to his name. I am also out some $2,000 because my comprehensive auto insurance has a deductible, but my insurance isn't going to pay you. Now here's the moral question: should your neighbor help pay to fix your house?