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CarnalK, you do sound a bit like the NRA in defense against any gun regulations.

Did you also defend your right to laugh at Joe the Camel ads in media highly consumed by youth?

The nicotine addiction industry has a long done the best they can to implement what they know works, limited only by regulations and settlements: get kids hooked on your drug early by marketing in ways most effective for that target population and you can replace all those customers you lose to early death. For cigarettes controls that worked to help reduce children getting addicted included regulations that controlled those marketing practices. What the industry has been largely restricted from doing with cigarettes they are pulling back out of the playbook for vaping.

There need to be better controls of industry practices.

Such would NOT be a ban, any more than cigarettes are currently banned because they are under that authority, or improved gun regulations mean guns are grabbed.

There has to be a clearer understanding of what these products each contain and what the risks of their vaped consumption are.

Marketing practices that disproportionately (not exclusively) appeal to underage potential consumers/addicts, rather than to adults (ideally those trying to quit current tobacco use), must be highly restricted.

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