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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
You sound exactly like the NRA because like them you go from "regulation" to bemoaning a "ban". They'll pry that vanilla strawberry e-cig from your cold dead lips!

Fruit flavored high alcohol beverages packaged and marketed in ways that disproportionately appeal to high school and middle school children? A high alcohol level very sweet fruity alco-pop advertised in media that those populations consume highly?

I would similarly support tight regulation of such products and of their marketing strictly enforced. But with much less vigor as alcohol is no where associated with the same level of addiction from casual use as nicotine is.
What exactly is the difference between a fruity flavour geared at kids rather than adults? It's not like there's a cartoon rabbit on the label.

In my time in grade 7-12, I don't think I ever saw a kid smoking menthols, btw. Those "wine tipped" cigars was the most flavored thing I saw. Those things may be to entice kids, but they make up a small part of the market. Sweeter vape juice is like 80% of the market. Banning one is not the sme as the other.