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Originally Posted by Wrenching Spanners View Post
Are we discussing the dead rotting bodies, or the living rotting bodies of the drug addicts who are receiving social support, but nevertheless continue their public begging in order to acquire enough money to fund their addiction? I'm sure you feel sorry for those people.

Or possibly out of awareness that people who do a great deal to contribute to the system often nevertheless wind up in need of support, and that everybody is unable to contribute to the system at some points in their lives and might become unexpectedly in that state at any time; combined with a desire not to have to worry about becoming one of those bodies on the street, should they find themselves in one of those categories.
Which, of course
Do you want to finish this post, and to clear up the quoting?

[ETA: I see I messed up the quoting. Which law does that come under?]

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
What did the grasshopper do to contribute to the system?


Presuming that you're actually talking about the human analog: a) humans aren't grasshoppers b) a number of people have rewritten the tale to point out that music is a valuable contribution to the system and c) are you seriously claiming that people who have worked their butts off at essential jobs never wind up in need of public assistance?

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