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Originally Posted by Ukulele Ike View Post
Didnít Trump suggest shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pork grease? These assholes donít just want dead Muslims, they want humiliated dead Muslims who canít get into Muslim heaven.

They seem nice.
No, youíre misremembering quite a bit.

He favorably recounted a story (a debunked urban legend) that John Pershing rounded up 50 Muslim rebels in the Philippines during WWI, dipped bullets in pigís blood, then executed 49 of them to let the 50th one spread the tale.

It was pigís blood, not grease, and he didnít suggest actually doing it, but rather used the story as a parable to show how humiliation can act as a deterrent to terrorists.

Regardless, it was still moronic. He was citing something that never really happened (which he does frequently, the truth doesnít matter if it supports your message). He was endorsing something that would have been a wartime atrocity if it had actually happened. His story was a disgrace to the reputation of Pershing. Despicable.