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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
What this misses is that the public infrastructure is the same for everyone. I grew up with a basketball hoop in my backyard, just like Micheal Jordan did. He was able to put that infrastructure to better use than I did. Bezos uses the same public roads to deliver packages that the rest of us use. He used those roads to build a internet delivery empire and I have used them to go back and forth to the supermarket.
Exactly. And in 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown died in a plane crash in Croatia trying to get Billy's dad a job at the factory there. Oh wait, no he didn't. He died while trying to identify investment opportunities in the former Yugoslavia for wealthy Americans.

But remember, all of the federally-funded public/private research collaboration that takes place in American universities is published and then placed in public trust for equal benefit to all citizens. Oh wait, that's not true either.

But of course, the FBI has equal interest in investigating all crimes. Oh wait, nope, you have to demonstrate a loss of at least $10,000 for the FBI to touch your cybercrime report.

You have to have some pretty sturdy blinders on to believe that services offered by the government are of equal benefit to everyone at all levels of society.