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Originally Posted by bump View Post

What I was saying is that the money my parents paid in school tax when I was in high school did NOT go to pay for my education. I didn't derive any direct benefit from it.
If you buy theater tickets and then decide not to go, do you blame the theater?
And childless people pay the same school tax without even the possibility of direct benefit. So your parents had it good.
But everyone derives the SAME benefit from it when you get to these nebulous indirect benefits- unless your stuff catches fire, everyone derives the same benefit from the fire department being funded. Same for police- the dividends of law and order are mostly equal- my neighbors don't somehow benefit more or less proportionately from it based on whatever difference there are in our incomes. It's like saying that bigger plants benefit more or less than smaller plants from rainfall, which is untrue. What you can say is that when rainfall is adequate for both, there's no difference, and when it's inadequate, there's no difference. Even when it's adequate for one and not the other, it's not like somehow the plant that needs more water is deriving less benefit from the same amount of water. It just needs more water. And the plant with adequate water isn't deriving more benefit- it just needs less.
The person with the million dollar house the fire department saved is seeing twice the benefit as the person with the $500 K house.
As Budget Player Cadet mentioned, brackets should be based on marginal utility, or pain. Do you object to all people feeling more or less the same pain from their tax burden? If not, taxes on the upper brackets should be a lot higher.