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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
Also noted that he's been avoiding this thread, but has been posting infrequently. One of which has been a thinly-veiled question on how to use E-Verify to . . . He's been pretty milquetoast, with one or two exceptions since his suspension, but I noted his reliance--again--on databases and computer technology to solve social/political issues.
"He's been pretty milquetoast"

Well, shit. See, I don't want to get banned. Not because it would affect me in any real way, but because I don't want to read the post where the Cheetos winner posts a selfie of his/her cheese covered hands and gloats at how delicious they taste on such a glorious occasion.

But now I wonder if maybe that was your plan all along. I mean, you were a military officer, you know how to lead difficult to lead soldiers with mixtures of positive and negative reinforcement. Maybe you planned it this way and by staying within the lines on here you're getting exactly what you wanted...

Finally, what's "thinly veiled" about talking about making illegal immigrants not depress the labor market for red blooded American citizens that you once swore to protect? If you read further I even conclude that the ones who have been here a long time were de facto paid to be here and I coming to the obvious conclusion that illegal immigrants shouldn't be thought of as these hordes of "others" invading the USA.

They should be thought of as cigar smoking assholes in large business flouting the law on minimum wage and hiring citizens and these villains are paying the hordes of third world residents to evade the border. They are the actual criminals. Not the poor, destitute illegal immigrants seeking a better life.

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