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Originally Posted by Balthisar View Post
You missed my point. I'm not worried about a couple of people who abuse welfare. I’m talking about a huge chunk of the population, the 40%+ of workers who don’t pay income taxes. The context for my controversial statement, of course, is that the rich have a moral duty to pay even more taxes in order to sustain our infrastructure, because they benefit from our infrastructure.

The thing is, everyone benefits, so why shouldn’t poor people make some type of contribution? Obviously they don’t have money, else we would tax them, so some type of universal conscription – which people could by their way out of – would level the playing field for our infrastructure.
I think most people who don't pay income taxes are too busy trying not to die to be able to afford not working for a while to handle a mandatory conscription.

It’s not a well thought out plan; we’re talking 40% of the working population being conscripted, after all. I mean, it’s not even a plan at all. What’s your counterproposal for getting the 40% of the population who use our infrastructure free of charge to contribute their fare share?
Change the economy so that everyone makes a living wage and pays taxes? Or, alternatively, accept that those fucked by capitalism are contributing enough already simply by being cogs in the machine?

I feel like you're coming at this issue from entirely the wrong end.

The problem, as presented: "Hey, a lot of people in the economy make so little money that taxing them makes no economic sense whatsoever."
The actual problem: "A lot of people are impoverished."
Not actually a problem: "A lot of people don't contribute to the public good because they're too poor."

I will absolutely agree that this is not a well-thought-out plan. It's also callous, cruel, and kicks people while they're down.

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