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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak View Post
Of course he did, he very effectively used the infrastructure that HE DIDN'T BUILD* to earn lots and lots of money. He was way better at it than me, that's for sure.

Do you have a point that doesn't support that Obama quote? Because, as you noted so eloquently in your earlier post, Obama said "you didn't build that" not "you had access to a separate infrastructure". Do you have any information to suggest that Michael Jordan had any part in building the arena he played in, the roads and transit of Chicago, or the cargo transport infrastructure of our great nation?

*I also had little to no part in building any of the large infrastructure projects that allowed me to get an education and hold down a job.
I am not talking about the Obama quote but the idea that rich people should pay more in taxes because without government they would not have been able to be rich.

But since you mentioned it, Obama was doing his customary straw manning implying that there are those who think rich people should pay no taxes. No one believes that.