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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
I am not talking about the Obama quote but the idea that rich people should pay more in taxes because without government they would not have been able to be rich.

But since you mentioned it, Obama was doing his customary straw manning implying that there are those who think rich people should pay no taxes. No one believes that.
No, you were talking about the Obama quote, which is why I quoted you
There is the argument that Obama made about "You didn't build that" which implies that since public infrastructure helps people make money those who make more should have a higher burden of paying for that since they got more out of it. What this misses is that the public infrastructure is the same for everyone. I grew up with a basketball hoop in my backyard, just like Micheal Jordan did. He was able to put that infrastructure to better use than I did.
Jordan didn't build the infrastructure that made him rich, the government built most of it, and the rest was in collaboration with the government to use natural resources like the broadcast spectrum.

Jordan would not have become rich playing basketball if he didn't have access to the vast infrastructure created by the government.