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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
The typical conservative isn't so much against "free stuff" generally as they are against the government taking money from some citizens to give oodles of "free stuff" to other citizens (and non-citizens). There are probably plenty of caveats to that view that I'm leaving out, but you can probably see how a 100% death tax would look from that perspective.
The only reason you have wealth at all is because of the government, because otherwise some warlord would have taken it at gunpoint and you'd be a slave on that warlord's land. Paying to prevent that from happening is hardly giving out free stuff, it's creating a system where the majority doesn't see your stuff as free for the taking because they outnumber your bodyguards.

If you insist on living in a society without paying for its upkeep, you have to expect others to call you a freeloader.