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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
The only reason you have wealth at all is because of the government, because otherwise some warlord would have taken it at gunpoint and you'd be a slave on that warlord's land. Paying to prevent that from happening is hardly giving out free stuff, it's creating a system where the majority doesn't see your stuff as free for the taking because they outnumber your bodyguards.

If you insist on living in a society without paying for its upkeep, you have to expect others to call you a freeloader.
Sounds like the government is a fancy name for the Mafia.

Originally Posted by Fretful Porpentine View Post
Why shouldn't it? If I use some of my income to hire someone else to clean my house, they still have to pay taxes on the money I pay them -- the fact that I already paid income tax before I transferred it to them is irrelevant. If I use it to buy something at a store, I don't get to say "hey, I already paid income tax on this, so you can't charge me sales tax because that would be taxing it twice." Nor is the owner of the store excused from paying tax because I already did. Why should inheritances be any different?

Personally, I find it utterly ass-backwards that the only income I've had in my life that I didn't have to pay taxes on is money that I did nothing to earn other than being born to the right grandparents.
Because inheritance isnít considered income. Thankfully. Should my kids have to declare a trip to Europe that we paid for as income? How about private school tuition? How about adult children still getting family insurance benefits?