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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
I went mail something the other day. I didn't wanna drive across town to the main post office. Where are all the mail boxes?
Can't you put outgoing mail in YOUR mailbox for the postal worker to pick up? (I believe you live in the country, but you do have a mailbox, right?)

I'm asking because a friend of mine (my age-- almost 70) thought you had to go to the post office to mail anything. While visiting her in St. Louis a few years ago, I had something to mail, and I put it in her mailbox. She had never heard of this and actually said to me, "I hope the mailman knows what to do!" What did she think the flag on the mailbox was for?

Since that incident happened, I've been wondering-- is this not common knowledge, i.e., that you can put outgoing mail in your own mailbox and put the flag up, or clip the outgoing piece to the letter slot cover, and the postal worker will pick it up and take it to the post office for you?
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