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Originally Posted by DorkVader View Post
This was my experience with the funeral of both of my grandmothers, right down to the Packers logo, except that not even the minister was wearing a suit.

Lets see, in the last 10 years, there have been the two funerals, a wedding (preacher, groom, and groomsmen wore suits also), 3 court appearances, at least one of which I beleive my wearing a suit had a favorable impact for my side, since the judge verbally noted that I was the only one wearing a suit (who wasn't a lawyer or court officer) and one meeting with my attorney, myself, my exwife and her attorney. He hilariously kept insisting that I MUST have just OODLES of money because I wore a 3 piece suit to the meeting. He simply would not beleive that the suit was a gift from my wife and her sister, was a decade old and had been worn a grand total of 8 times including that meeting. I wore a suit! Nevermind that it's the only one I have, I wore it and they were going to find and take half of that money I had hidden.

Such is the power of a suit these days.
I'm friends with an immigrant family who have all become naturalized U.S. citizens. When I accompanied one of them to the ceremony, I was not only the only person there in a suit, but in the bathroom, a man with an African accent asked me if I was a lawyer.