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Yeah a lot of misconceptions on wealth in general but also in this thread, including I think the OP.

Basically the liberal position is just that:

1. Corporations should pay taxes, particularly successful companies like Amazon
2. Society needs a certain amount of taxation to function, and it makes sense to take proportionally more of that from the rich; they can afford to contribute more without it affecting their lifestyle significantly.

The above two concepts are extremely popular among the general public, so that's why the liberal position has to be misrepresented as an attack on success or whatever.

(As an aside, it was surreal to me when a news story was made of the fact that Bernie Sanders is a dollar millionaire...and of course many on the right tried to charge him with hypocrisy. But firstly, I would have been shocked if a public figure as well known as him, at his age, would not have accrued $1 million in assets. But secondly, importantly, he's never said people should not be rich or successful. He just wants them to contribute more and/or not dodge their obligations).