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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Those hoping that Mar-a-Lago is damaged by the coming storm may overlook that Trump is rooting for the very same thing! Expect FEMA to spend hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to restore Mar-a-Lago and make it bigger and better than ever, with overpriced contractors giving kickbacks to Ivanka's secret bank accounts. The fraud will be advertised as God's work and a boon for the United States, since we do need a suitable place to entertain key allies like Putin and Kim.
Don't forget the terrific opportunities for insurance fraud:
Hurricanes have often been a threat to Mar-a-Lago. In 2005, Trump said he received a $17 million insurance payment for hurricane damage to the resort, but an Associated Press investigation found little evidence of such large-scale damage. At the time, Trump said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs, but acknowledged he pocketed some of the money. He transferred funds into his personal accounts, saying that under the terms of his policy “you didn’t have to reinvest it.”