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Originally Posted by GreenWyvern View Post
The post you quoted is a month old, but it's proving to be true. Johnson is clearly gearing up for an election, and he will need to come to an arrangement with Farage's Brexit Party not to split the right-wing vote.

Nigel Farage warns Boris Johnson ‘honeymoon is over’ and says Brexit Party ready to wipe out Tories at next election

The Brexit Party has already chosen candidates for every seat in Britain.

Nigel Farage offers no-deal Brexit election pact to Boris Johnson

Johnson is unlikely to make a public response to this, since he is not talking about an election yet. But there is no question that if the Brexit Party were to stand against the Tories, it would be a disaster for the Tories.
They'll take votes from both Tories and Labour, and get votes from some people who wouldn't have voted for either, but the chances of them actually taking seats are minimal, especially if the election is after Brexit. The 2015 election gave them a huge boost due to the referendum, but like UDS said, they still only got one seat. They're nowhere near as powerful as Farage claims. He's not helped by the fact that there are other parties people can also use as a protest vote.