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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
You know, this point sounds nonsensical when one takes into account that it is normal to give business owners a break if theirs efforts do peak. As in losing money.
You don't really understand geographical analogies do you? Plateaus, peaks, and downward slopes are all different geographical features. Creditors will go after business owners if their business declines into unprofitability such that the business can't pay its loans. Note the word decline. A feature that occurs beyond a peak. If the business owner is smart, he'll diversify his holdings before that happens. Ideally, when the business is at a high point and has maximised its profit potential. In other words a peak.

A wealth tax based on share price could force owners to sell their stock while the business was still increasing in value. The government is forcing the business owner to realise gains in share value at tax time, not when the owner makes the decision on when it's best for himself and the business. I'm against that.