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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
Amazing how these discussions about the founders invariably revolve around guns. I'm of the opinion that no person has ever changed his mind about gun control, just as no person has ever changed his mind about abortion. Arguments about guns always generate more heat than light and we find ourselves in alternate realities that cannot be bridged. With that in mind, I'm sure that some will disagree with everything I write but that's to be expected.

My two cents:
I don't care if the founders would be for or against gun control if they were reanimated today. They lived in different times. Madison never gave a thought to whether his children would be murdered in school, Jefferson did not worry about attending a theater and looking for the exits in case a mad gunman started blazing fire. If they had, the 2nd would look much different, if it existed at all.

The founders were not ones to waste words. In my opinion, a correct interpretation of the 2nd is that the militia (National Guard) has the right to bear arms. I don't buy the notion that "well regulated" means "in good working order", that's one of those things that gets repeated because people think it's true and people think it's true because it gets repeated. I also don't buy that "the militia" meant all white males, even in the old days the militia was something you joined and something that was regulated.

The notion that we need guns to rein in or overthrow a corrupt government is silly. Poland and East Germany got rid of their communist masters without firing a shot. Armed insurgents with the help of foreign powers have not ousted the despotic Syrian regime. Of all the things that make governments fall, weaponry isn't one of them.

There are weapons that were made for the purpose of killing lots of people quickly. There is no legitimate reason for civilians to have such weapons.

People who have unstable mental conditions, certain criminal histories, or who have proven to be a danger to others have no right to own guns. Opposition to background checks or waiting periods is simply foolishness.

Other countries have video games and mental health problems. No other nation has so many mass murders. I believe guns are the reason.

People who think that we can't lift a finger on guns until every other means of murder have been eliminated are morons. Yes you can come at me with a knife, but I've got a lot more of a chance than if you come at me with a gun. And if you compare accidental shootings with drownings in swimming pools, you're batshit crazy.
Well said. But I've no doubt somebody is about to bring up "natural rights" as a way to reducing your argument to something akin to neo-fascism. You know, like in Canada.
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