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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
More money than ME is the key here. Those who have less, WANT more.
Okay, let's decentralize "me". I chose myself as a subject because I'm a pretty typical millenial and that may make it possible to sympathize with, but fine, have it your way.

As I said upthread, a million seconds is a little under two weeks; a billion seconds is 37 years. Once you have two billion dollars, you have more money the gross national product of about 20 different countries, many of which have millions of people living them. That is, you personally have more money than combined total value of the entire economy of the 4.5 million people living in the Central African Republic.

Complaining about the well-being of a billionaire after any tax reform where they don't have to carve out a pound of flesh from their body for every million dollars they've stashed away is like complaining about how dry and brightly-lit the Marianas Trench is. Tax a billionare at 99%, and he's still richer than the mean or median worker in the US will ever be.

Would you actually be interested in participating in this discussion, or just throwing out mildly offensive non-sequiturs? This isn't about jealousy. It's about the tangible harm caused by misallocation of resources, and the brazen evil necessary for billionaires to decide to keep most of their billions. Do try to keep up.

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