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Originally Posted by GreenWyvern View Post
The problem with Scottish independence is the finances.

Scotland's deficit seven times higher than UK as a whole last year

"Total state spending in Scotland was 1,661 higher per person than the UK average... while tax receipts were 307 less per head than the UK average."
Richard Murphy does a very good job of pointing out the many issues with the GERS claims here: and here

"the accounting is biased and theoretically utterly flawed. When accounting it is vital that all estimates are prepared consistently and on the same basis. GERS has not been. Income is estimated on the basis of that arising IN Scotland but spending is estimated on the basis of that arising FOR Scotland. So, only taxes paid in Scotland are included. But expenditure in England (mainly), Wales and Northern Ireland is also charged to Scotland when Scotland is deemed to benefit from it. But the tax paid to generate that expenditure is not taken into account. The system is, then, inherently designed to show a deficit. This is why the Scottish government claim about it is wrong."

Please do check the first link in particular (hard to quote here, as much of the data is represented in graphics)