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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
Are you in the 1%, or the 0.1%? If not, you don't have to worry about anyone taxing your inheritance - or your wealth.

Do you favor rolling back the tax cut, maybe the part for the rich? If not, don't talk as if spending creates the growth in the deficit. That's crap.

The reason for this discussion is that the very richest have sucked up most of the gains in the economy, way, way out of proportion to their numbers. A wealth tax is one way of dealing with this. Or do you think this was a result of merit, and the rich didn't do anything to make the playing field anything but level?
I am not inherently against anything like rolling back the tax cuts, especially if they are only beneficial to the rich. I am not against the rich paying more, but every time these discussions come up, it is always about taxing more instead of spending less. Goring oxen and all that stuff. The cut off for taxing the 'rich' is close enough to me that it opens my eyes to what the government wants versus what I want for my and my children's futures.

As to who did what, I don't think of the rich as evil corporate monsters. I see them as highly intelligent people using what the government allows of them to create riches. The loopholes such as they are , are created for JUST THAT REASON. Why do you think that is? Politicians are the immoral creatures bought and paid for by the rich. But I do not blame the rich.

Taxing wealth just seems wrong. If you don't get it right the first grab, you shouldn't get a second just because someone used what you gave them. As with the Amazon tax structure earlier. Stock options, R & D, all beneficial to US ALL, yet if you listen to some, "They still make too much" That reeks of jealousy.