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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
"Commanding a majority" is the same thing as "not being openly voted against by a majority". If the majority in the Commons votes against the government, the government does not command a majority. It does not have the confidence of the House.
Not quite - it's theoretically possible for a minority government to survive if there's a fractured opposition, if one part of the opposition supports it half of the time, and the other half the rest. That could potentially happen if the Lib Dems ever form a minority government.

As for whether the constitution has been altered by the FTPA, again I'd say not quite. Whilst it takes 67% to trigger an election under it, it would only take a simple majority to repeal the law, and replace it with anything at all. The problem at the moment is not that act, it's that the opposition despite having the votes is refusing to hold a vote of no confidence. This refusal on Corbyn's part is a deriliction of duty, much like most of what's happened in Parliament recently.