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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
And the government is the people, this being a democracy and the Constitution starting with an explanation of it and all that. That's whose right it is and how it's implemented - we as a nation need to have a ready military, it needs arms and regulation, therefore we have a right to have an armed and regulated military. It's nothing new either, the Articles of Confederation* spelled it out even more clearly, and so did the colonial governments. Go visit the Magazine next time you're in Williamsburg for an example.

What's so hard about that? Nothing, unless you want a different conclusion and are contortedly trying to backfill your way to one.

*Footnote: The Articles, the constitution that was actually in effect for the Framers and that therefore likely guided their views, say:Could that be any more clear?
If I'm following you correctly, I disagree. Which should be clear; I've said in this thread that I believe the Second Amendment gives an individual right to own and carry firearms which is effectively unrelated to the existence of any militia or membership therein.