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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
As to who did what, I don't think of the rich as evil corporate monsters. I see them as highly intelligent people using what the government allows of them to create riches. The loopholes such as they are , are created for JUST THAT REASON. Why do you think that is? Politicians are the immoral creatures bought and paid for by the rich. But I do not blame the rich.
Lemme get this right. The Rich pay politicians to create loopholes and favorable tax laws. The Rich use those loopholes and laws to become richer. Wealth disparity in our country grows wider every year, with a larger and larger piece of the pie going to the very wealthiest among us.

But we shouldn't blame the rich?

You just described a situation where the rich literally engineered our laws to enrich themselves, but they are blameless for using those very laws to enrich themselves?