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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus(:3= View Post
Tomato, tomah-to.

A "duty" that is imposed on you without your consent that requires you do work, that deprives you of freedom of movement, that allows food to be withheld and corporal punishment...

The primary problem with historical American slavery wasn't that slaves weren't well-paid.

But, again, we're into semantics. Do conscripted soldiers have it better than 18th-century African slaves? Sure, obviously. Do both fall under the umbrella term of slavery. I think so.
Legally, it's considered a duty owed the government. You can refuse, and you're punished similarly to tax evasion, presumably because they're both duties owed the government. I didn't consent to pay them a quarter or more of my income and do without whatever alternative uses of that money that I could have spent that on either

If you choose to perform your duty, you're tacitly agreeing to be bound by the UCMJ I assume, which is also NOT slavery, even if it recognizes a different set of offenses and standards of conduct than the civilian world does.