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Roman slaves were often paid a "salarium" in salt, and would even buy their freedom. They were still slaves. The Romans did not spend the effort the Greeks did on keeping their slaves compliant, and rather than risk numerous slave revolts, essentially converted slavery into indentured servitude.

I read that in Brazil, many natives were forced into seven-year indentured servitude terms, rather than slavery (which black imports were forced into). As the natives rarely survived that term, it was essentially slavery for life anyway.

Drafting soldiers is, IMO, slavery. (There were societies that employed slave soldiers. A German king, pre 1870, used to literally kidnap from foreign countries and force them to be soldiers. He would give them loaded weapons and training, and force them to risk their lives in combat for him... and they did. Such as the powers of organization.) Same with forcing POWs to work. Prisoners being "forced" to work is something I'm unsure of. I don't know if they're being forced, but the wages are "criminal" (no pun intended).

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