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Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
Are they killing it via filibuster?
There are a large number of amendments proposed (about 90-ish, I think), most of which will need to be dealt with, so it is an attempt at a filibuster.

However, the House of Lords dances to its own drum, and a Bill can't strictly be talked out. There's a method where their Lordships can decide that one of their fellows has spoken too long, and a vote can be held to shut them up.

So for each attempted filibuster amendment there needs to be a "sit down, you dolt" vote, and then a vote on the amendment itself. It's not the most youthful and athletic legislature, so these all take some time. Remember, the Lords need to physically walk into a one of two lobbies to vote, just like the Commons.

It's essentially an endurance test - there's certainly a strong majority in the Lords for this Bill to pass, and they'll keep going at it all night and longer if they have to.

Also, and this is weird, if they are still in session by 10:30am BST on Thursday 5th September, the Lords consider the whole of that day a continuation of Wednesday 4th.

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