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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
The diving boat 'Conception' burned and sank near shore on Catalina Is land. The Captain and crew abandoned the burning ship and went to a nearby boat to call the Coast Guard. All of the passengers perished. What was the personal responsibility of the Captain?
Did the Captain have a personal responsibility to the passengers (beyond just calling the Coast Guard)?

Do we acquire personal responsibility by virtue of our position or situation or are we only responsible for being self sufficient? The passengers made the Captain self sufficient in exchange for their safety. Did he act responsibly?
There is already a thread for this.

I’d say that, in spite of bull***t myths about "going down with the ship," the Captain has a duty to the passengers and crew, yes, but not to the point of dying just to put on a good show. If there was anything that could have been done to save those people, then he should have endeavored to do it. But maybe there wasn’t anything to be done. That’s for the investigators to determine.

IANAL, but specifically, there is this thing called Seaman's Manslaughter that could be applied if the Captain or any member of the crew did not take reasonable steps (that’s my wording) to ensure the safety of passengers.

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