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Vultures Preying on the Elderly

Iím pitting all the parasites and vultures who are trying to pick the bones of my fatherís estate even before heís dead.

Real estate brokers, lawyers, old age homes, nursing homes, memory care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, all of them, theyíre vultures.

But especially the brokers and lawers.

They know, those pieces of shit, that he doesnít have that much money. The lawyers know this especially, because they are (or were, until I fired this particular firm) handing some matters for him that involve knowledge of his financial situation.

I see an elderly, incompetent man in need of care. They see what they believe to be a pile of money, and with a bit of effort, they think they can get their hands on some of it. As much as possible.

The lawers are the worst. One firm in particular. I wonít name it here (although I will be naming it, and the lawyers who ďworkedĒ on my fatherís matter) in great detail to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department (the local authority for disciplinary matters).

Tip: If youíre a lawyer, and you handle a very simple matter for an elderly person, which mostly involves getting some forms signed, when you download those forms from the internet, donít forget to delete all the [insert name here] and [his/her] and [he/she] variables before you present it to the client. And donít follow up with a bill for ten thousand fucking dollars (seriously Ė at this lawyerís billing rate, thatís 28 hours of work, which did not happen), hoping heís so incompetent he wonít notice, but will pay the bill anyway.

And donít blow me (the son, who has power of attorney) off if youíre representing the old man in the sale of his home. Itís no fucking excuse that you agreed to a flat rate for that transaction that you now think was too low. Too fucking bad. I happen to know that you are ethically obliged to represent your client just as zealously for that amout as you would for ten times that amount. And I shouldnít have to field calls from other parties to the transaction telling me what I have to do and what fees I have to pay and what papers I need to produce. Youíre the fucking lawyer. Thatís your job.

And real estate brokers, at least here in New York, are thieves anyway. I donít think this broker was after my fatherís money, in particular, any more than anyone elseís, but sheís a thief. 6%, of slightly over one million dollars, for what was maybe twelve hours of work. Nice! But having your pals at the staging furniture company (from whom she absolutely got a kickback Ė I checked, and she did) deliver some broken-down, hideous shit that was about the same quality as what I could have picked up on the sidewalk in New York for free is just adding insult to injury. And, of course, thereís a three-month minimum. Some of the chairs that were delivered were so broken down they werenít safe to sit on. And to hand on the walls, a couple of dingy Warhol reproductions? Sure, they looked fine in the photos. But in the real world? They looked like the junk they were. I could have purchased actual decent furniture, kept it for myself after the sale, and it would have been cheaper.

[Insert name here] in-patient rehab facility in New York? Their physical therapists did nice work. Absolutely. Their administration was a nightmare. They refused to communicate with me, even though I have my fatherís health care proxy. They kept pushing and pushing him for a DNR order, to the point where he started to freak out. And, even though, upon admission, we went over the costs and what was covered by Medicare, they kept coming back with demands for more money that had to be paid right away, in cash. Well, by credit card.

Fuck them all. In a decent society, they'd all be hanging from lampposts. Fortunately for them, we don't live in a decent society.