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I'm curious about this point. In discussions about end of life planning, I've brought up the concern that seniors will be pushed to choose DNR, and have typically been told that that would not be a problem, that the problem is people NOT being allowed to make the choice.
Follow-up: In my experience, over the past few years, here in New York City, exactly the opposite is true. To varying degrees, every health care institution pushes for a DNR. My father has been hospitalized several times over the past few years (culminating in hospitalization last December from which he never returned home -- he now lives in a residential "memory care" facility), and, once it's determined that a patient will be admitted, the pressure for a DNR begins even before the patient is seen by a staff physician.

That pressure is, however, mild compared to the pressure exerted on my father upon arrival at the in-patient rehab place, though. That wasn't pressure, that was an outright attempt at coercion.

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Does your father have any kind of end-of-life directive in place, such as one that says that he does want to be revived?
He didn't, then. He does now, and it goes into detail about the circumstances in which he would or would not want to be revived.

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I'm sorry that you're going through all of this and having to deal with such unscrupulous people.
Thanks. He'll be okay. He's got people watching out for him. I've learned a lot about this whole thing in the last few years, and what happens to old and confused people who don't have someone looking out for them is absolutely terrifying. There really is a whole class of people out there who make a lot of money by preying on old people.