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Originally Posted by Jay Z View Post
Redistribution is a compensating mechanism for the imposition of property rights on the natural world.

Property rights are beneficial to society and unjust at the same time. Think about any of the games we play. Chess, Monopoly, football. Unless the game is a historical simulation, a common feature is that everyone starts out even.

Real life is not like that, when societies have property rights.
A game of Monopoly is actually a pretty good example of why redistributive efforts are an absolute social good (which is not surprising, since the game was originally invented as a political teaching tool against rampant capitalism).
In a game of Monopoly, everyone starts with the same resources - as you note, this is fucked from the get go but bear with it. Past that point, through a combination of very little skill (because seriously, it's not like it's hard to figure out basic probabilities and which properties are valuable) and a lot of luck, a few players will rapidly snatch up the good real estate and start driving the others into bankrupcy with more and more efficiency as houses and hotels get put up, with pretty much zero chance for the lossing players to come back - they have fewer resources to buy or build to begin with, so naturally the top dogs will improve their money-making engine faster ; and they already had the more better statistical land to begin with. Which has a further snowball effect since they then take all the bankrupt players' shit, which helps them drive more people out of the game, etc. The theoretical endstate is that one person owns all the stuff in the game and everyone else is unhappy. The more common endstate is that someone will flip the fucking table at some point .

A society where a small percentage of people own everything there is to own while a majority have to sit and sulk in silence while the "real people" are still having a ball playing the money game is not good. Or fun. Plus the winner is always a real asshole about it, too, haven't you noticed that ?