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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
True, but there are an equally depressing number of people who think that simply notdoing it will be the end of it as well. From the start of this process there has been an unwillingness to honestly acknowledge the implications of a vote either way or of not having a vote in the first place.

Notice that the Liberal Democrats spend all of their time saying that they want to cancel the whole thing and precisely 0% on what the likely implications would be of doing so.
Politically, UK governments would be in a difficult position in terms of influencing any future developments within the EU (though our number of votes in the Council can have a pretty powerfulf effect), and the Brexit party people in the parliament would continue to be an annoying sideshow until Farage gets sick of them.

But there's no indication that revoking the Article 50 withdrawal would bring any particular legal penalty with it, or that the legal frameworks for any of the things currently within the scope of EU law would be any different from what they are now.