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The legal provision in many countries, and specifically in the USA, talks about "slavery OR involuntary servitude except when imposed as criminal punishment" (the exception is to involuntary servitude, not to slavery, that is just out) because slavery has characteristics that the other forms of servitude did not have. Slavery does not merely mean "being forced to work at what I did not choose or on terms I did not choose", it adds the subject becoming chattel goods property rather than persons, even unfree persons.

Society and its laws even before the abolition of slavery/serfdom had already carved out a separate category of compulsory services that could be demanded by the state (not by private entities) even of "free" citizens (e.g. military service, jury duty). The justice or injustice of that is not solved by saying "is it slavery or not", but as others have mentioned, by exploring "what is meant, by involuntary servitude, and what's the difference"?

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