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Originally Posted by kevlaw View Post
One would hope not as it would mean that we (and they) have learned nothing from the last three years.

If there is ever another referendum, I would hope the Remain side would highlight the benefits of remaining in the EU but I hope they'd also point out some of the many defects of the EU and explain how they plan to remedy them.

I would also hope that the leadership of the EU would recognize that some of those defects helped cause these three years of chaos and would want to remedy them.

For instance, the EU could create some limitations on Freedom of Movement while still allowing genuine migration. IMO, without Merkel's promise to admit 1 million refugees just before the referendum, Vote Leave would not have won. I think the EU should reflect on that and amend the policies that made Merkel's promise so daunting (and not just for British voters).

It's been well-documented that the British government had levers to restrict the massive immigration from Eastern Europe over the last 20 years but they did not use them. Why not? What could we (and they) do differently?

The press in the UK shines a spotlight on the Ever Closer Union rhetoric coming from Brussels but these policies are unpopular in many EU member states. Britain could become a champion for national sovereignty within the EU.

I hope we don't carry on exactly as before.
Without meaning to sound like a jerk here, have you been paying attention to the Brexit negotiations at all? Because the main lesson from them is "The UK does not have nearly the bargaining power that it seems to think it does". The idea, especially after failed Brexit negotiations and the bad faith and ill will involved (not to mention the projections of just how insanely damaging it would have been to the UK!), that the UK will be in any position to be giving marching orders to the union just strikes me as batty.