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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
No, it's still on the system that ALLOWS it. THEY created it, the rich people are USING it.

Which happened first?
I'm gonna just assume for the sake of argument that the system happened first.

The people who created that system are all dead, and all the people currently working in the system are compromised by the system. The people who have the power to fix the system are the people who are granted power by the system.

As you said, and this is a direct quote, the rich people are USING it. What they are using it to do is their responsibility. They could use this power to do lots of things, it is their choice because they are the ones using the system.

Yea, we could dig up the Animal House quote "You fucked up, you trusted us." But, the thing is, that's a joke. It's a pathetic abdication of responsibility by a character we are not supposed to aspire to be.

So, the dead men who made our system gave power to rich people. If the rich abuse that power, they don't have the right to say we fucked up by giving them that power. They are responsible for their own choices regarding what to do with that power.