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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Without meaning to sound like a jerk here, have you been paying attention to the Brexit negotiations at all? Because the main lesson from them is "The UK does not have nearly the bargaining power that it seems to think it does". The idea, especially after failed Brexit negotiations and the bad faith and ill will involved (not to mention the projections of just how insanely damaging it would have been to the UK!), that the UK will be in any position to be giving marching orders to the union just strikes me as batty.
The question I was responding to was "But do you really think that a complete revocation of the article 50 [snip] would see the E.U. and the UK's position in it carry on exactly as before?"

Presumably, if Article 50 is revoked, it means that the people responsible for the bad faith and the ill will are no longer in power and a more Europhillic government is in place.

I think there are folks in some countries in Europe who have some sympathy for British (Europhile) opinions on the future of Europe. We are not talking Farage & Cummings here. We're not even talking conservative-pm-held-hostage-to-euroskeptics. There are Europhiles who fervently believe the the EU is a force for good but recognize that unrestricted migration and immigration and over-regulation and all the rest are damaging to the public's support for the European project.

And not just in Britain.

Other countries like the Netherlands and Denmark have always been more sympathetic to the British point of view and France, Germany and Italy all have movements that are pushing back on Ever Closer Union. They might welcome a little bit of populist reform that they can blame on the British. No marching orders required.