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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Ethics doesn't mean putting someone else's interests ahead of yours. It means doing what you said you were going to do.
Well...also presuming what you said you were going to do has a net benefit to humanity or is not inherently unethical. I mean Hitler did a pretty good job of doing what he said he would do.

IMHO, business ethics falls under several categories:

The business is providing a service that is legitimate and legal. That is to say, the business is not a scam, front or "racket". Bernie Madoff is an example of a business that failed this sort of ethical test. So was Theranos. These companies never provided a legitimate product.

The firm is conducting business in a manner that not intentionally corrupt, misleading, harmful or predatory. This can get a little fuzzy as companies can have an advantage due to technology, economies of scale or superior business models that allows them to outcompete other firms without being inherently "unethical".

The company has an ethical culture. Plenty of legitimate businesses have toxic or abusive cultures, which can then cast a shadow on their entire business. It's hard to find a company where this category doesn't go hand in hand with the other two.