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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
As a nitpick, several people here are using the term "chaos" in a nonstandard way. (Or at least; not the way mathematicians or physicists use it. And the word in a colloquial sense doesn't have a firm enough definition to contrast it with "randomness", as some here have)

Chaotic systems are by definition deterministic (although we may see chaotic behaviour in systems with nondeterministic elements / subsystems).
And, let's imagine we have a chaotic system that at each iteration delivers an integer between 1 and 100. The fact that it's chaotic does not necessarily mean even that all the numbers in that range will be visited, let alone that they will be visited at equal probability. Our hypothetical chaotic system may have zero probability of ever returning the number 71, say.
Chaotic, equiprobable, I think that we all get the point.