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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
Can I go off on a slight tangent, on the subject of greedy lawyers?

Five years ago, 9/12/14, my father was killed by an inattentive driver while on his motorcycle. He was 85 years old. This was a Friday afternoon, so while there was news about the accident, his name wasn't released to the media until the coroner saw him officially, Monday morning. Just over 24 hours later family was gathered at my mom's house, and a Fed Ex truck pulls up, with a package marked "legal documents" It was from a firm of lawyers in a town over two hours away, and the documents was a book titled "Winning a lawsuit with dignity" They didn't give a shit about my dad, only about the money they might make. I wrote them an ugly reply(scum of the earth was on phrase I used) and the book got recycled. Asshole ambulance chasers.
Yes. Ambulance chasers are a particularly low form of life. I met quite a few of them in the emergency room after my own motorcyle accident (and I'm sorry about your father's accident, that's terrible).

But I don't think they're as low as the lawyers who seek to get control over elderly people's affairs, through guardianships or powers of attorney, and rob them. Or just cheat them through billing unreasonably.

I mean, I'd rather sit down and have dinner with a pimp. Really.