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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
As with most semantic arguments, the most clarifying thing we can do is replace the symbol with the substance. We all agree slavery is bad. But why is slavery bad? What are the defining elements of "slavery", which ones do we care about, and why?

Any semantic argument that doesn't take this step is obfuscating, rather than clarifying. The good news: it seems to me that many here are doing exactly that, and explaining why slavery is bad and why similar institutions are also bad. So... good shit, folks.
The problem with the X is as bad as Y argument is that it works both ways. People use it to maximize how bad X is but they can end up minimizing how bad Y is.

If you say "being drafted into the army is as bad as slavery" then you're also saying "slavery is no worse than being drafted into the army" - the two statements are equivalent.