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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
Are you seriously endorsing the argument that people who own guns are part of the "Unorganized militia"? I gotta be honest, I sure hope you are.
Well, gun owners could be said to be better situated to become organized militia but owning a gun is not a requirement of being considered militia (either organized or unorganized).

Under the Militia Act of 1792, you needed to be an able-bodied White male citizen between 18 and 45 years old to be "in" the militia. Six months after enrollment and being notified of your assignment, you were required to "provide yourself with a good musket or firelock".

Providing yourself with a firearm before you were enrolled and notified or after you aged out, or now, when there is no law that calls on citizens to perform militia duty, would just be an exercise of the right to be armed, not any impressment of real or imagined militia obligation.