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Originally Posted by AHunter3 in 2016 View Post
It's been a nerve-wracking 7 weeks since the offer letter but the proverbial ink (mostly digital ink) is now on the contract. The Story of Q: A GenderQueer Tale, a 97,000 word genderqueer coming-out and coming-of-age memoir, shall be published by Ellora's Cave...
That was in 2016 and it didn't happen: Ellora's Cave folded before my book came out and my rights were reverted back to me.

In 2017 I once again had a contract with a publisher, NineStar Press. It was contingent upon me working with their editor to tighten and shorten the first third of the book. When it turned out that by "shorten" they really meant "discard", I tried to negotiate with them and when that didn't work out, asked to have my rights reverted back to me, which they did.

I now have, for the third freaking time, a signed contract with a publisher -- Sunstone Press -- to publish my book. Should be coming out in the general vicinity of January. Different working title: GENDERQUEER: A Story from a Different Closet

Let's see if I can manage not to fuck it up this time.

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