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"Ex-Marine charged over weapons found in his truck: police
A former Marine is in jail after being accused of having an illegal silencer on a semi-automatic weapon, tactical gear and papers about school shootings and death.

Rick Montealvo, 28, is charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, a felony. Houston police officers stopped him in north Houston early Thursday morning for not having a license plate on his truck."

Found in the truck was and AR-15, a "suppressor" (silencer) with its serial number obscured and that was also "unregistered", and "sniper canopy, camouflage tactical gear, military screen used for hiding from aircraft, and troubling literature about death and school shootings that read, "I'm the white boy who shoots up schools."

It's unclear to me if the the gear described as "canopy", "camouflage tactical gear" and "military screen" is one item, two items, or several items.

Mr Montealvo has an "extensive documented history of mental illness" and also has "issues and is supposed to be on medication" according to a relative.

Mr Montealvo says he needs this stuff because he works in "private security".

The public defender asked for a $2,000 bond.
The state asked for more due to Mr Montealvo's 'troubling history'.
Bond was set at $200,000.
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