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Originally Posted by Leaper View Post
I pit two people.

One is the person who took a crap right outside the side door I usually take out of the parking garage. I know the homeless are people too, and everyone has basic biological needs, but I just thank god I didnít step into any of it despite the surprise.
I used to manage a small warehouse in downtown Memphis. we had a homeless guy who made a sort of nest in the back of the garage out of pallets and cardboard. I allowed him to stay there since he didn't seem to be disturbing anything. then I found out my warehouse guy who arrived early had been cleaning crap off the steps every morning without telling me. I was devastated. 1) that my warehouse guy was cleaning up poop every damn morning and 2) that this guy I took pity on repaid us in such a callous manner. I apologized to my warehouse guy and had the nest dismantled and everything tossed out and continued to dismantle any attempt to build a shelter in the back.