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Originally Posted by TroutMan View Post
Holy shit, I think we found SamuelA.
If that's not Sammy, it's certainly someone who exactly follows his modus operandi, namely: (a) acquire a tiny snippet of knowledge about something, and (b) extrapolate wildly and thereby (c) solve all the world's problems!

In this case, the moron in the video has learned that hurricanes form due to warm sea surface temperatures, so his solution is classic Sammy: [just] dump ice cubes into the ocean to cool it! That's why we have a navy (left unsaid: that's also why we have refrigerators!). Also, since we also have an air force, [just] send in some planes to make the hurricane winds blow in the opposite direction! Presumably, these would be the ones with the big propellers that make a lot of wind, not the silly jets.

To be fair to the moron, Sammy would probably have proposed something even less realistic, undoubtedly involving self-replicating nanobots with little tiny fans doing all the work.