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They have been beating their head against the wall because so many refuse to believe the truth: Asian discrimination doesn’t occur because blacks and Latinos benefit from Affirmative Action. It occurs because there is a lot more to admissions than just grades and SAT scores, and the powers-that-be want the freedom to cater to other powers-that-be.
So the narrative that asians are suffering from affirmative action has actually not taken hold despite the efforts of conservatives because by and large most asians support affirmative action (certainly for american indians and the black descendants of slaves, we are a little skeptical of affirmative action for hispanics and black immigrants). Asians are more likely to vote Democrat than hispanics or Jews. Racism is not invisible to us.

Asians mostly got upset about this stuff when we found out that white applicants were several times more likely to be admitted to these schools than asian applicants with similar credentials.

I'm pretty sure that the whole affirmative action angle was injected by baizuo based on the fact that the guy bringing the suit obviously wants to get rid of affirmative action. But the lawsuit is directed at anti-asian discrimination. Do you know how many times affirmative action is mentioned (negatively) in the brief? At oral argument? The lawsuit acknowledges the schools right to promote diversity but says it can be achieved in ways that do not discriminate against asians. It talks about eliminating legacy, eliminating athletic preferences, outreach programs, etc.

This connection to AA is there but it is not a direct attack on AA.