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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I find it helpful to remember that the whole of the health care delivery industry, including all of the various flavors of nursing homes, have an underlying philosophy that when they see an elderly person enter, they assume that that person will leave in a pine box. To be fair, they develop this attitude from experience. But, it colors how they interact with the patient and family members. Certainly they provide sometimes heroic measures of medical care, but, y'know, underneath it all is the feeling of inevitability. And some care givers are better than others at navigating the interpersonal interactions with all of the interested parties, and some are worse.

At its ugliest, it's move-them-in and move-them-out and the longer they stick around the more they cost us. Hence the push for DNR in its various forms.
I certainly wouldn't call my wife "elderly," although she is now old enough to collect Social Security if she ever decides to retire.

Anyway, she had to go into a rehab center/nursing home after spinal surgery last year. (Mainly because the hospital wanted to discharge her just three days after surgery, and she was in no condition to come home yet.) Anyway, other than needing to recover from major surgery, she was in relatively good health. Nevertheless, we repeatedly got asked about living wills and advanced directives. On one of the forms, it asked about a DNR order. I assume they are required to ask these things, but it was still jarring.