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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
And the very fact that this thread is about “baizuo” means I’m reading things 100% correctly. You make clear in this post your own racial biases when you posted:

You don’t win progressive allies when it’s clear you’ve been blindly imbibing racist conservative kool-aide. I’m just keeping it real with you. “Baizuo” sounds like a boogeyman cooked up by right-wing disinformers. What are we supposed to do with this shit except laugh at it?
How does the fact that this is about baizuo mean you are reading things correctly?How does the language you quote mean that I have been imbibing racist conservative kool aid unless you actually think that any suggestion that blacks and hispanics could be doing more to improve their situation is in fact racist. Do you believe that?

When you promulgate racism against blacks and Latinos
And how is any of that racist? You can't expect everyone to simply agree that anything you call racist is in fact racism.

and vilify so-called “SJW” whites
Just for clarity, my understanding is that the sentiment of baizuo doesn't really require you to be white, just western woke SJW that has jumped the shark. Plenty of black baizuo and to many in the asian community, their reaction to the harvard lawsuit justifies vilianization.

not only do you play into the hands of rich conservative whites that have a vested interest in pitting minorities against each other, but you also alienate yourself from potential allies.
The woke SJW crowd hasn't shown much potential as allies. When confronted with evidence of anti-asian discrimination at harvard, they instinctively leapt to the defense of harvard over asians. With any other minority the knee would have jerked the other direction. Asians are apparently too low on their racial pecking order to warrant support against an institution that was forced to admit it did the exact same thing with jews a few decades ago.

The same dynamic keeps poor conservative whites in self-sabotage mode too. Economically depressed whites focus their ire on minorities, immigrants, and”college educated “coastal elites”, rather than capitalists that exploit them. This misplaced ire keeps them from building the coalitions needed to get the reforms that would help them. They fall for the okeydoke time and time again, just as capitalists need them too.
And what exactly does the baizuo left offer to the poor white man that the capitalist pigs do not?

It's funny. You think that the poor whites are being hoodwinked by conservatives. Conservatives think blacks are being hoodwinked by Democrats. I suppose people believe what they want to believe.

I think I am detecting another aspect of asians that is making the baizuo uncomfortable. Asians that are no longer blindly adhering to liberal positions just to get along.